This website is for all residents of D'Eynsford TMO. It should help you by giving you information about the housing and community services provided on your estate.

Anti-Social Behaviour.

ANTI-SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR, NUISANCE, RACIAL OR OTHER FORM OF HARASSMENT | D’Eynsford TMO will not accept any anti-social behaviour on the estate. You as the tenant or leaseholder are responsible for the behaviour of every person (including children/pets) living in or visiting the property. Examples of anti-social behaviour include but are not limited to:

  • Using abusive or insulting words or behaviour;
  • Using or threatening to use violence;
  • Vandalism of council property;
  • Offensive drunkenness;
  • Persistent arguing and door slamming;
  • Noise or fouling from pets;
  • Loud music;
  • Rubbish Dumping;
  • Barbecue on the Estate Grounds or Balcony;
  • Speeding and dangerous riding of scooters/mopeds.


  • Anything which causes, or is likely to cause, a nuisance to anyone living in the local area.
  • Anything which interferes with the peace, comfort or convenience of other people living in the local area. As well as damaging to property belonging to other people or council property in the local area.
  • Harassing anyone because of his or her race, colour, nationality, culture, sexuality, gender, age, marital status, religion or disability.
  • Threatening, harassing or using violence towards anyone in the local area or towards council employees, managing agents or contractors or using or threatening violence towards anyone living in the property.
  • You cannot use the property for any criminal, immoral or illegal purpose. This includes selling or using illegal drugs, storing or handling stolen goods, prostitution and / or pornography.

WHO IS RESPONSIBLE | If you, your lodgers, friends, relatives, visitors and any other person living in or visiting the property breach these conditions you will be liable to enforcement action which may lead to eviction. Any breach of the tenancy conditions by anyone living in or visiting the property, will be treated as a breach by the tenant. If you are evicted it is likely that you will be considered to have made yourself “intentionally homeless” and consequently not entitled to re-housing by the council.


Informal action
Initially, we try to resolve noise problems informally where possible. We may contact the person causing the noise to make them aware that a complaint has been made. We can keep your identity confidential, if requested.
Formal remedy
If the noise continues after we have discussed it we will start to collect evidence to prove that the noise complained about is at an unreasonable level and likely to cause a disturbance. We will attempt to visit to witness the noise.

There are a number routes that we can go down to resolve noise nuisance, remedies available to us include:

  • warning letters
  • mediation
  • seeking possession
  • injunctions and
  • noise abatement notices


  • Please inform your neighbours when you are planning to do any DIY. Respect your neighbours and avoid DIY at unsocial hours and on Saturday afternoons and Sundays.
  • Laminated flooring needs to be laid on a layer of impact reduction material, as required under the terms of the tenancy and lease agreement. Be mindful of your neighbours below, as they
  • can hear impact noise each time someone walks in your flat.
  • You must not use or allow the property or any communal area to be used for any illegal or immoral activity such as drug dealing or prostitution.
  • Excessive noise is a nuisance. Don’t inflict your style of music on your neighbours; keep it to yourself. When you have a party, please inform (or invite!) your neighbours and be mindful that they might need to rest and have a quiet night.


  • The staff do their best to keep grassed areas looking good. You can help by not littering these areas or allowing dogs to foul them. Dogs living on the Estate must be micro chipped and registered by the Council.
  • Scooters, Motorcycle, Cycling, rollerblading, and skateboarding on the Estate pathways is not allowed for health and safety reasons. Please ensure your children do not engage in these activities.
  • The play areas have been created to encourage your small children to play outdoors under your supervision. Please be mindful of the residents who live next to the play areas, and ensure your children keep noise down to a reasonable level.
  • Please note that as part of the tenancy/lease agreement, the council do not permit for any open fire such as bonfire or even BBQs on balconies or the common parts such as garden because of the potential risk of fire. This is defined as a breach of tenancy and lease as it is a form of Anti-Social Behaviour.

STAFF, CONTRACTOR AND BOARD SAFEGUARDING | D’Eynsford TMO are here to provide the best services possible but in doing so we will not tolerate abusive or aggressive behaviour from our service users. Such behaviour by any service users will not enhance our service but rather the contrary. We will look to refuse to deal with people who assault our staff, board members and contractors or who continue to be abusive or aggressive when asked to behave reasonably. D’Eynsford TMO will also contact the police in matters relating to threatening behaviour which includes, violence, harassment and abuse.