This website is for all residents of D'Eynsford TMO. It should help you by giving you information about the housing and community services provided on your estate.

Our Estate.

ABOUT OUR ESTATE |  D’Eynsford is a Southwark Council housing estate built in the 1970s with a mix of flats and houses, including some sheltered accommodation. There are 360 homes: 260 are occupied by Council tenants and 100 are leasehold. The estate is situated in the heart of Camberwell, SE London, just off Camberwell Church Street in the Brunswick Park ward of Southwark. We are about two miles from the River Thames.

The buildings are all three storey brick and include a range of homes, from one bed flats to four bed maisonettes.  Addresses include: Mary Datchelor Close, Don Phelan Close, Belham Walk, Kimpton Court (next to the estate), a block on Kimpton Road, and another on Elmington Road.

D’Eynsford is a culturally diverse community. Our Estate includes people from many countries with – as suggested by our 2011 survey – around 45% black (African/Caribbean/British) and 45% white (various) residents, plus a range of other ethnic backgrounds including Asian and Latin American. This is more diverse than the Southwark average which has approximately 55% white, 27% black and 10% Asian population. The estate has many families and older residents with 30% of households with children and 30% including at least one person over 60. The estate is within an area of social deprivation. It is situated in Brunswick Park Ward just off Camberwell Church Street in the heart of Camberwell, SE London. The TMO area is made up of mainstream housing and sheltered accommodation. The buildings are typically three storey masonry construction with pitched roofs. The types of homes vary from 1 bed flats to 4 bed maisonettes and were built in the 1970s. There are 360 homes: 260 are occupied by Council tenants and 100 are leasehold.

ABOUT D’EYNSFORD TENANT MANAGEMENT ORGANISATION | In 2010 the TRA started to look into whether a Tenant Management Organisation could work for our estate. A sub-committee was set up and after investigating different options for improving things and talking to residents, we voted to set up the TMO in November 2011 and served the council with a legal ‘right to manage’ notice. In March 2014, residents voted yes to the TMO (87% yes vote, 47% turnout) in a ballot organised by the Council.

The TMO was set up as a not-for-profit Community Interest Company (CIC). All tenants, leaseholders and private tenants aged 16 and over are entitled to become members. This enables all members to participate in the decision-making processes of the TMO.

The TMO is led by a volunteer board of residents who have been working on this project since 2010, when it was kicked off by the Tenants and Residents Association (TRA).

At the heart of our plan for delivering estate services, a team of professional staff work exclusively for the TMO who are all based in our own estate office. We believe an on-site team is the key to transforming services as they are able to dedicate all their attention to the estate and tailor services to our needs. We carefully select contractors and other specialists to work alongside our staff.

WHY WE SET UP A TMO | We set up a TMO because we believe that this will provide:

  1. Better services for everyone – quicker and higher quality
  2. A local staff team working directly for us
  3. An on-site estate office
  4. Value for money
  5. More control for residents

THE MANAGEMENT BOARD | The Management Board is made up of volunteer residents of the Estate, and is responsible for employing staff and contractors and running the Estate on your behalf. The Board meet once a month and has various sub-Board s to carry out its work. One-third of the Board members stand down at the Annual General Meeting to encourage new members to stand for election. If you are interested in joining or learning more about the Board, contact the Estate Office.