This website is for all residents of D'Eynsford TMO. It should help you by giving you information about the housing and community services provided on your estate.

Our Commitment.

OUR VISION | Our vision is for D’Eynsford Estate to be an even better place to live, with excellent services and lovely surroundings, where everyone is neighbourly, has the opportunity for self-development, takes pride in their community and can live well at home without damaging the environment.

OUR MISSION | We will work towards our vision by:

  • Providing the best housing and community services possible for our residents
  • Creating a greener estate and choosing environmentally friendly options wherever possible
  • Running a diverse and inclusive activities programme
  • Providing opportunities for residents to further their potential through taking responsibility for the estate
  • Putting our community at the heart of everything we do, ensuring that decisions reflect the needs of residents.

OUR VALUES | Ensuring fairness in all we do

  • Treating people with respect and valuing everyone’s opinion
  • Enabling inclusion in all areas (eg. digital access, translation services)
  • Empowering residents to have more control of their homes and environment
  • Balancing environmental, social and economic issues
  • Being a learning organisation that embraces change

OUR AIMS | Check all common areas and lifts on the Estate each day, identifying priorities and ordering works as necessary

  • Remove rubbish and clean graffiti from the Estate, including the lifts, as soon as it is reported
  • Keep all entrances, corridors, stairways and lifts clean and tidy, responding to need rather than sticking entirely to schedules
  • Maintain the landings, walkways, lifts and the grassed areas of the Estate to a high standard
  • Provide an efficient and accessible rent collection service, giving residents appropriate welfare advice
  • Provide an excellent repair service, aiming to complete repairs to a high standard well within the timescales laid down by Southwark Borough Council
  • Deliver an excellent service to all D’Eynsford Estate residents according to their needs
  • Encourage active participation by residents and help to foster a community on the Estate
  • Ensure that all residents can attend meetings and have access to information about the activities of the TMO

ONE PLANET ACTION PLAN | We are committed to using a One Planet Action Plan to help us live within a fair share of the earth’s resources. The One Planet framework focuses on ten areas that cover the environmental, social and economic aspects of living sustainably. We have identified principles and goals for each area that will inform the way we work and deliver services. For example, we will:

  • carry out an energy audit of the estate and make our buildings and equipment more energy efficient
  • create secure cycle sheds
  • use good quality, environmentally friendly materials
  • fit water butts across the estate to collect rain water for gardens
  • make the most of planting areas for growing food and local plants

LONDON LIVING WAGE | We are committed towards our staff welfare and therefore we ensure that we are adhering to the London Living Wage’ standards. Our commitment to the London Living Wage benefits our TMO by:

  • reduces absenteeism and sick leave
  • find it easier to recruit and retain staff
  • see a huge boost to staff morale and productivity
  • see improved brand awareness
  • attract the best skilled staff

D’EYNSFORD STANDARDS TO RESPOND | Web requests/forms Response within 10 working days

  • Electronic written correspondence Acknowledgement within 1 day, full response within a maximum of 10 working days
  • Paper written correspondence 5 days to acknowledge and 10 days for a full response
  • Voicemail or telephone messages left Respond within one working day


  • Cleaning staircases, handrails, banisters, landings, doors, communal floors, lobbies, lights, light fittings, walls, and windows located in internal stairs and landings
  • Cleaning and removing rubbish from bin chambers
  • Clearing litter from all common parts of the estate
  • General upkeep of the roof access and roof security
  • General upkeep of the common grounds and gardens; cutting communal grassed areas and maintaining flower beds and shrubs
  • Clearing play areas and play equipment, especially of glass
  • Weed control, sweeping, snow and leaf clearing and salting of non-adopted roads (including drainage gullies) and footpaths
  • Maintaining bulkhead lighting of the grounds, non-adopted roads and footpaths, including the replacement of light bulbs but excluding pole fittings
  • Removing graffiti in all common areas