This website is for all residents of D'Eynsford TMO. It should help you by giving you information about the housing and community services provided on your estate.

Council Tenant Repairs Responsibilities.

As per Southwark Council Tenancy Agreement: 5. Looking after your home and estate (1)


You’re responsible for most minor repairs and maintenance to your home, including:

  • electric plugs, fuses and light bulbs
  • inside doors, cupboards and handles
  • catches and locks
  • toilet seats
  • broken glass inside your home
  • floor tiles
  • small cracks in plaster
  • decorations
  • gardens (including gates, fences, trees, window boxes, etc.)

We’re (TMO) are responsible for repairs to the structure, exterior and essential services to your home. If these issues arises then please contact the TMO on 020 7525 0745 or visit the estate office. These include:

  • roofs
  • foundations
  • external doors, walls and windows
  • drains, gutters and outside pipes
  • brickworks
  • major plastering repairs
  • floors and ceilings
  • installations for water, electricity and gas (including wiring, sockets, fittings, internal pipes and valves)

However, please note that the Council are responsible for the following. If these issues arises then please contact the council on 020 7525 2600 or visit

  • communal TV aerials – Not individual ones
  • door-entry systems – Communal
  • extractor fans
  • heating or hot water – District Heating (Includes radiator)
  • pest Control

Service standards: When will your repair be done? (As per Southwark Council Tenancy Agreement)

 Emergency – within 24 hours

Our contractor will attend within 24 hours. Where there is a danger to your health and safety, we will try to attend within two hours of you reporting the repair. Please note that this is a ‘make safe’ service, we may carry out the full repair as a lower priority. Examples of emergency repairs include:

  • Having no electricity inside your home
  • All serious plumbing leaks where the building is in danger of damage and the leak cannot be contained in a bucket, for example
  • Serious leaks in the roof and other major structural problems
  • Making your property secure following a break-in
  • A blocked toilet when there is only one toilet in the home

 Urgent – within three days

These are repairs that, while not an emergency, can be a serious nuisance if they are not repaired. Examples of urgent repairs include the loss of:

  • Some electrical power
  • Some of your water supply
  • All or some of your heating or water heating during the colder months (between 31 October and 1 May).

 Non urgent – within 20 working days

These are routine repairs which our contractors will carry out within 20 working days.

Examples of non-urgent repairs include:

  • Minor plastering
  • Minor electrical and plumbing repairs

Sometimes we will have planned major work that will include the repairs that you have identified. In these cases there may be a reasonable delay before we start work as long as there will be no serious risk to your health and safety.

Reporting emergencies repairs during out of house (Outside of 9am to 5pm / Monday to Friday) 

If you have an emergency repair such as a major pipe burst or a repair that presents a danger to persons, you can contact the Southwark on 020 7525 5000. The Council will normally arrange for a contractor to “make safe” the problem until the D’Eynsford Estate Office is open, when the repair will be carried out during normal working hours. Please note this service is for emergencies ONLY. The Estate will be charged by Southwark Council for this service. If you repeatedly call the Council for non-emergency repairs, you will be charged for using this service.