TMO Services

D’Eynsford TMO took over most services on the D’Eynsford Estate from Southwark Council in September 2015.

The takeover means that residents now contact the TMO staff team for repairs and estate issues such as cleaning and anti-social behaviour, instead of the Council.

Residents can pop into the new TMO office in Good Neighbours House (38 Mary Datchelor Close) or phone the staff team Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm.  Contact the TMO.

The Council will continue to provide an out-of-hours service for emergency repairs.

Services the TMO has taken over

The TMO delivers:

  • cleaning and caretaking
  • repairs (with contractors for specialist work)
  • support with rent payments, other tenancy issues and anti-social behaviour
  • grounds maintenance (through St Mungo’s Broadway ‘Putting Down Roots’ gardening team)
  • estate lighting
  • major works consultation.

Most services are delivered by our own on-site staff team:

  • TMO manager: Chay Pulger
  • housing officer: Albert Frimpong
  • housing finance officer: Pawel Borucinksi
  • repairs and maintenance coordinator: Mitch Flacko
  • caretakers: Gary Roye, Kelly Ulysses and Devon Nicholas.

A resident-led organisation

While the day-to-day work is carried out by our professional staff team, D’Eynsford TMO is led by a volunteer board of residents, elected by members.  The TMO is a membership organisation for all estate residents. Read more about the TMO and opportunities to get involved.

Comments and complaints

If you want to feed back or raise a concern about any aspect of our service, please take a look at our comments and complaints process.

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