TMO board minutes, 9 May 2016

D’Eynsford TMO Board Meeting
Monday 9 May 2016

Present    Committee: James Traynor (Chair), Tasha Gordon, Patrick Luppi, Kwende Anbessa-Ebanks, Bola Ogunmefum, Tom Leighton, Rob Beer, Connie Gray, Joan Henrick, Dorothy Adongo (notes).   

Other attendees: Mitch (Caretaker), Albert Frimpong (Housing Officer).   

1. Welcome and introductions

All were welcomed to the meeting and introduced themselves. James reminded everyone of the code of conduct and any declaration of interest. Apologies received from Kate D and Terry Norman.  

2. Minutes of the last meeting (approval)

All agreed and approved the minutes of the last meeting.  

3. Matters arising  

Guttering still a problem on the estate. TMO to try And get the Council to take responsibility for the neglected gutters.
Action: Albert to find out if there is enough in the budget to clean, clear and repair all the gutters on the estate.

Environmental Health issue – A resident has been disposing urine in the pathway at the back of 63-70 MDC right near the childrens play area. Albert has advised that the issue is being investigated.

Leakages and plumbing are the major issues on the estate.

4. Managers report and Estate walkabout feedback

Estate walkabout – A lot of the repairs have not been logged, so there is no evidence of completed or outstanding jobs.

Mitch has advised that there is a new process of allocating reference numbers, for example, Job 1- door number- date- initial of caretaker. All jobs should be physically inspected before it is signed off for payment. Once the job is complete, Pawel checks and confirms . Albert has advised that the TMO are slightly behind.

Estate Lighting – The lighting in walkway between Mary Datchelor and Don Phelan (Sheltered unit) keeps going off. Mitch is not sure whether the sensors are not working, or if its rain water leaking into the electrics. The lights issue has been reported to the Council, however, when Mears contractors have attended, the lights have been fully working. Residents may have to contact Mears out of hours team when the light goes off. O’Briens have been booked to look at the lights on the 23rd May 2016, so an update will be available for June meeting.

The lights by the Secret Garden are on during the day. Do they need to be turned off? Ask residents who live there before making a decision. Has the electricity bill for the Estate gone down with the current replacement of energy bulbs? Are Southwark still paying for the electricity? Are we able to check?
Action: Albert to find out from Southwark.

Overflows – Locks need to be changed. The locks are different and the TMO cannot access it. Southwark need to change the locks.
Action Albert to follow up with Southwark.

Drains and gutters – The smell from the waste stacks is still entering into residents homes. It was suggested to to get a specialist to assess and see where the TMO boundaries lie in order to take on the job. One of the tanks need to be replaced. There have been minor repairs carried out, but none replaced. 13 MDC was assessed and given a five year replacement time frame. The TMO will need to find out if the stack is an urgent replacement or a five year wait.

Managers report – Albert to include outstanding jobs at the next meeting. Leaseholder jobs where TMO are not liable for are not part of the repairs report figures. Kwende advised that information such as referrals to Southwark, TMO internal jobs or dates of communication with the Council should be logged.

Rent – Regularly monitored. All accounts are looked at as of 09/05/2016

TMO Liaison meeting – To hold a discussion with the estate about Universal credit.

Voids – 27 Belham Walk has been given back to the TMO, and Southwark has paid for it.

Tenancy checks – To try to get residents at home for checks either very early before work, or late evenings.  

5. Repairs management process

General repairs – i-world records (report system for repairs) are currently not being used to report and complete repairs. Mitch has informed the board that he is slightly behind with inputting data as there were initial problems with the codes, however, it is now sorted. He has temporarily been using a spreadsheet to record repairs, and has informed the board that he would need more time in order to enter the data onto i-world.

Repairs are currently without job references or being logged. It is important to have a paper trail along with the i-world system, as this is used to meet and analyse D’Eynsford TMO performance.

Dee suggested employing a part time administrator to assist with data entry and other general office duties. Albert advised that other TMOs such as Gloucester Grove and Leathermarket have administrators, so may be worth speaking to them first.

Tom advised that he recently attended a meeting with other TMOs and discovered a few pros and cons that other TMOs have experienced, which may help our TMO overcome some issues which may arise. As a board, we can assist with finding the right contractors and , i.e. Plumbers.

6.Complaints policy

After reviewing the complaints policy, it was suggested that a Right to appeal, and TMO address and contact number should be included. The complaints policy should be modified to incorporate D’Eynsford TMO. All agreed for the above changes to be made.

7. Community room update  

A bid for £28,622.08 funding bid has been put through the Health Lottery fund. Timescale is August 2016, however once approved, work will not start until September 2016. Tom attended Fundraising workshop and was given a list of charities/Trusts/ Foundations available to give money.

8. Finance

It was agreed for the Co-operative Bank to continue as our bankers and to update the account signatories to reflect current board officer roles.  

9. Any other business

Albert is pushing for New Caretaker Devon to start work within the next two weeks. Devon has general caretaker experience. There are uniforms available, however, if not the right size, can be ordered.

The cleaning Rota for the estate has been drawn up and will be presented with the June report. The TMO standard will be available in July.

Patrick may have to step down from the walkabout and community room groups due to new work commitments.

Support is being given to the TMO staff in absence of Darren. Albert has spoken to Gloucester Grove TMO Manager Abiola , and Tracey from TMI.      

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