TMO board meeting minutes, 14 March 2016


D’Eynsford TMO Board Meeting
14 March 2016


Present       Board: James Traynor (chair), Patrick Luppi, Beatrice Otu-Ansah, Jane Greaves, Bola Ogunmefum, Tom Leighton, Rob Beer, Kwende Anbessa-Ebanks, Tasha Gordon, Terry Norman, Kate Damiral (minutes).

Other attendees: Darren Kidson (TMO Manager), Tom Hatton sr, Tom Hatton jr, Eleri Jones, Nicki Bunnceranal, Ben Beck (Southwark Council Monitoring Officer)

1. Welcome, introductions, apologies and declarations of interest
Apologies were received from Dorothy Adongo.

2. Minutes of the last meeting (approval)
The minutes of 8 February 2016 were approved

3. Matters arising
There were no matters arising.

4. Manager’s report and estate walkabout feedback
Darren presented his report with the following additional information: Eight of the eleven long-standing problematic overflows had been fixed.  The Council will be fitting and covering the cost of new fire doors inside each block.  Scaffold will be put up in Mary Datchelor Close to enable the guttering to be cleared.  Letters to tenants about the rent change were delivered one week ahead of the deadline.  Darren is following up any repairs satisfaction scores of 3 or below.  More ‘no dogs’ signs will be ordered for the play area.  The third caretaker post has been re-advertised.

Darren informed the board that the TMO’s repairs standards were above the Council’s.  Darren will prepare a repairs and maintenance manual with service standards for all households.  The draft will be reviewed by the communications sub-committee.  It was also noted that information for residents about TMO services and how to report issues needs improvement.
Action: Communications sub-committee to review current service information and develop an improvement plan with Darren, alongside the forthcoming manual.

The walkabout team will also consider with Darren how best to report back to the board.  It was agreed that the walkabout team would expand its remit to monitor communal repairs and maintenance issues.
Action: Patrick, Connie and Tasha to update the group’s terms of reference.

5. Proposal to put forward our electrical contractor for the Council’s ventilation systems repairs contract
It was agreed in a unanimous vote (with one abstention) to nominate the TMO’s contractor O’Brien’s for consideration by the Council for this contract.

6. Board arrears policy and procedure
The policy was agreed in a unanimous vote (with three abstentions), with the addition of a three-month time period for action, to bring it in line with the board code of conduct in the governance manual.
Action: Darren to bring the final version of the policy to the next meeting for information.

7. Finance
The final version of the finance report for quarter three (Sept-Dec 2015) was tabled.  

The board budget for 2015/16 was agreed.  The operational budget and board budget for 2016/17 was agreed in a unanimous vote (with one abstention).  

It was agreed in a unanimous vote (with two abstentions) to appoint Kreston Reaves as the TMO’s accountants.
Action: Terry to review the choice of auditors and bring a proposal to the general meeting on 23 March.

Elizabeth Sheeran had resigned as Treasurer.  Jane Greaves was elected to the post.

[Darren left the meeting.]

8. Planning for 2016/17
It was agreed to present all the proposals for spending surplus from 2015/16 at the general meeting as a consultation exercise, making it clear they are only ideas for final decision by the board.   All ideas would be presented without costs.  An estate improvement plan was not provided for consideration under this item, however the walkabout team reported that several benches were in poor repair and posed a health and safety risk.  It was agreed to include new benches in the proposal ideas.

9. Any other business
It was agreed to submit an application to the People’s Health Lottery to complete the community room and run IT sessions, as the bid to the Dispossessed Fund was unsuccessful.  The community room project team will meet with Darren shortly to clarify what work can be done in the meantime.

It was agreed to support the bid submitted by the garden group to the Council’s Tenants and Residents Involvement Fund for a community gardener.  The bid had already been submitted in order to catch the deadline.

It was agreed that all future draft bids would be reviewed by the communications sub-committee before being submitted, to ensure consistency.  

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