D’Eynsford Tenant Management Organisation (TMO) Membership Form

All estate residents and non-resident leaseholders can become a member of the TMO.  This gives you a vote at general meetings and enables you to stand for election to the Board.  It’s free to join too!

Become a member

To join the TMO, simply fill in this form.

I confirm that I am over 16 and a resident* of the D’Eynsford Estate, Camberwell, London (or a non-resident leaseholder). Please enter my name on the organisation’s register of members.

*This includes council tenants, leaseholders, tenants of leaseholders, and household members.

Membership Statement:

In the event that D’Eynsford TMO stops trading while I am a member (or within one year of my ceasing to be a member) I will contribute to the assets of the company a sum not exceeding £1 for the payment of the liabilities of the company.

Data Protection Act 1998:

The data collected on this form will only be used by D’Eynsford Tenant Management Organisation Community Interest Company (registered number: 8395845) for administration purposes and so that we can contact you. It will not be disclosed to any external sources without your express written consent.

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