D’Eynsford TMO Board Meeting 16 January, 2017.

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Board: James Traynor (chair), Hannah Bruce, Shaun Gillen, Pete Berciu, Tasha Gordon, Tom Leighton, Eleri Jones, Kwende Anbessa- Ebanks

Others: Annelie Sernevall (Interim TMO Manager), Kate Traynor, Tom Hatton Snr, Tom Hatton Jnr.

Apologies: Kate Damiral, Tracey Stedman (TMI)

  1. Welcome

No new declarations of interest were made. Board members who were present signed new copies of the declaration of interest form.

ACTION 1: Board members who were not able to be present at the meeting must sign a copy of the form at the next meeting or arrange a time to visit the TMO office to sign.

ACTION 2: Annelie will send an electronic version of the forms to Eleri for record keeping purposes.

Resignations from the Board: Kate Damiral and Beatrice Otu-Ansah are standing down from the Board. The Board wanted to officially minute their sincere appreciation both Kate and Beatrice for their hard work and dedication during their time as Board members.

ACTION 3: The Board agreed to circulate an email with ideas for a present for Kate and Beatrice.

  1. Minutes from the previous meeting

The minutes were approved.

ACTION 4: Tasha agreed to take over the production of the estate newsletter. Tom L will assist.

Actions rolled over from the previous meeting:

  • Annelie was not able to provide an update on the procurement of staff mobiles – this will be picked up in the next meeting in February.
  • Kwende has not circulated the example reports from the Southwark TMO Conference he attended last year. This will be completed before the next meeting in February.
  1. Matters arising

There were no matters arising that were not on the agenda.

  1. Updates

A written report was provided by Jackie and Tracy (TMI) which was circulated in hard copy to Board members. It was agreed that the Board would review this outside of the meeting.

  1. Items for decisions/approval by the Board

Approval of Proposed Budget – 2017/18

The Board reviewed both the Finance Report (which details expenditure) and the proposed Budget for 2017/18. Both reports were prepared by the TMO Finance Officer and scrutinised by the Finance Sub – Committee in advance of the Board meeting. It was noted that the Board can approve changes to the Budget later in the year, if there is a clearly identifiable need presented.

The Board agreed with the Sub-Committee proposal to approve the Budget, subject to an HR training plan being developed with the TMO manager. This should ensure that training costs for TMO staff are evaluated carefully to ensure they provide best value. (6 approvals, 1 abstention. No Board members voted against the budget)

ACTION 5: Hannah will undertake a survey of Board training needs as well as a gap analysis and will report back at the next meeting in February.

ACTION 6: The Board agreed with the Finance Sub-Committee recommendation that the TMO Finance Officer reconfigure the Finance Report to illustrate variance in expenditure more clearly, with a written explanation of variances exceeding 15%.

ACTION 7: The Finance sub-committee will work with the TMO Finance Officer to make sure the finance and budget reports are clearly labelled.


Volunteers were sought for a security sub-committee which will look at how to reduce and prevent crime on the estate. The sub-committee will feed into a presentation at the next General Meeting on March 2 on a proposed strategic plan for addressing the crime issues on the estate.

ACTION 8: Tom Leighton will send an invitation for the sub-committee meeting which will be on Thursday February 2 and start with a walkaround the estate at 6pm. Shaun, Connie, Tom Leighton and James will attend the sub-committee meeting. Tom Hatton Snr will check his diary to see if he is able to attend. Our police representative will also be invited.

ACTION 9: The sub-committee will pay attention to lighting issues in their walkaround and report back to the repairs and maintenance sub-committee who are meeting on February 8.

ACTION 10: Shaun has proactively contacted some local TMOs who have implemented security plans and can advise D’Eynsford on what could be done here. He will meet with them as soon as practical and report back to the sub-committee and Board.

Secret Garden

Kate Traynor joined the meeting to present a proposal for maintaining the gardening sessions in the secret garden.

The garden has been running for about 7 years and the garden sub-committee members are Tom L, Connie and Kate Traynor. The sub-committee wanted to open the garden every week, but couldn’t always manage it. As a result, a community gardener was employed through St Mungos last year.

Key statistics were reported to the Council: there were 24 workshops last year, with 2 more to run in March 2017. The gardeners ran activities for children such as building a bug hotel, as well as attracting a wide group of young people and adults. In total, last year, 15 young people attended weekly gardening sessions, 20 more came to one off events. 40 adults to weekly gardening session, another 15 came to one offs.

St Mungos are not able to provide gardeners this year, however, the TMO has been approached directly by one of the gardners (Victoria) who has put together a proposal to maintain the service.

The Board discussed the risks associated with employing a gardener directly with respect to insurance and management requirements on TMO staff which were previously dealt with by St. Mungos. It was noted that the TMO caretaker was keen to be involved in the garden and that this should be encouraged as every member of staff can give up one day to a community project. This could also provide an alternative to sub-committee members being present at every gardening session, which can be difficult to schedule.

ACTION 10: Victoria will be invited to the next Board meeting to present her proposal in more details. In the meantime, the sub-committee will look at whether there could be 1 or 2 more competitive quotes sourced as a comparison. They will also engage with Victoria to understand more about her processes for addressing insurance and management issues.

  1. Items for discussion by Board members

TMO Managers Report:

The underspend from 2016/17 will be reviewed by the Board after the financial year end and proposals for how to reinvest will be presented.

The pilot of the new working hours for the caretakers was discussed. They have stopped coming in on Saturday, but do come in on Bank Holidays. It was agreed by the Board that this schedule needs to be kept under review. However, as a principle, there should be consistency in TMO employees’ schedules and that a seasonal schedule was not appropriate.

ACTION 11: A meeting of the sub group for the community room was scheduled for Wednesday, 25 January, 7-9pm. Pete volunteered to join the group, which also includes Tasha, Kate T and Tom L.

ACTION 12: Tom L will update the Google calendar for Board and send links to everyone. He will also send out invites for the sub-committee meetings.

  1. AOB

The change to the TMO office address and letterbox was queried.

ACTION 13: Albert has been away on holiday. Annelie will follow up on this with him on his return report back at the next Board meeting.

ACTION 14: Report on the firearms discharge; Annelie will circulate the security report to the Board, and make sure that copies are available at the security sub committee meeting.

ACTION 15: Date of the next General Meeting: It was agreed the next General Meeting would be on March 2 at 7pm in the Sheltered Housing Common Room. Two weeks notice must to be given to the estate residents, so a newsletter needs to go out by 16 February.