Comments and complaints

D’Eynsford TMO welcomes feedback on our services, as it helps us to know when things are working well and to make improvements where they are needed.

Who to talk to

You can give comments or raise concerns about any aspect of our services to the TMO manager either in person or in writing.  If your feedback is about the manager or a member of the TMO board, please contact the TMO chair through the office.  We will work with you to resolve any issues.

However, if you are unhappy with the response you receive, please use our complaints procedure.

D’Eynsford TMO complaints procedure

There is a three step process for complaints about the TMO:

Step 1

Please make your complaint in writing.  You can ask the TMO manager to help you do this.  You can also ask anyone else to help or represent you with your complaint.  If you need a translator or interpreter, you can ask the TMO board to make a contribution to any costs involved.

Complaints should be sent or delivered to: The TMO Manager, D’Eynsford TMO, Estate Office, 38 Mary Datchelor Close, London SE5 7AX.

If the manager is the subject of the complaint, please write to the TMO secretary (who is a board member) at the same address.

Step 2

Your complaint will be acknowledged within five working days.  Complaints will be investigated as appropriate by the TMO manager, the secretary, or a person appointed by the secretary.  Investigations may include interviews and other evidence (such as police, medical or environmental health records, surveyor reports, referrals to/from other authorities) in order to reach a fair decision on the complaint.  

The contact details of the person who will lead the investigation will be given to you, with the investigation deadline.

Step 3

The TMO will write to you with the conclusions from the investigation within 15 working days of receiving your complaint.  

If the complaint has been upheld, recommendations will be made to the TMO board for rectifying the problem and for payment of any compensation.  We will let you know what recommendations have been made, what the board decides and what actions are taken.  Please note: the full investigation report and complaint details will remain strictly confidential to the manager or, where appropriate, the secretary and chair.  

If the complaint is not upheld, the reason will be explained.

Download the full DEynsford TMO Complaints Policy May16 [PDF 184KB].

Taking a complaint further

If you are not satisfied with the response to your complaint, you can appeal in writing to Southwark Council: The Principal Complaints Officer, Performance and Compliance Section, London Borough of Southwark, Tooley Street, London SE1.  The appeal will be dealt with in line with the Council’s complaints procedure.  

Complaints about Southwark Council’s own services will be passed directly to the Council.