Estate Festive Social, Tuesday 16th, 7pm

Don’t forget…christmas_bird_decoration_200892

Estate Festive Social

Tuesday 16 December

in the sheltered unit community room (through door 50-75 Don Phelan Close)

Join us for mulled wine, hot chicken supper and our annual quiz

Plus – meet our new Estate Manager, Darren Kidson

All welcome – see you there!

Seniors’ Christmas Party! Thursday 11 December, 2pm-5pm

All D’Eynsford seniors are invited to a

Christmas Party

on Thursday 11 December, 2pm-5pm
in the sheltered unit community room (through door 50-75 Don Phelan Close)

crackerCome along and enjoy food, drinks, music and a raffle.

Organised by the TMO with support from Keepmoat (the company putting in new tenant kitchens and bathrooms)


Can you help develop our brand?

We’re looking for a designer to help us develop a brand for the TMO before we ‘go live’ in February. Can you suggest anyone for this unique volunteer role? Here’s what we’re looking for…

D’Eynsford TMO Branding Brief

D’Eynsford Tenant Management Organisation is a community body for residents of the D’Eynsford Estate in Camberwell. We are taking over most estate services from the Council in February 2015, to manage them ourselves with a professional staff team.

Before we ‘go live’, we need to build a visual brand for our organisation. We want to consolidate our existing communications products and develop a suite of resources to give the TMO a distinctive look that reflects our mission and values of collectivism and sustainability (see business plan below).

Pro bono support

Unfortunately we do not have any funds for brand development, as our only income until February is a grant which is restricted for specific purposes defined by Southwark Council (our partner) and the Department for Communities and Local Government (the lead funder).

But we know that we need our visual brand in place right from the beginning. So we are looking for pro bono support from a designer to work with us on our branding project this autumn, to help get the TMO off to a flying start.

What we have already

What we would like

  • A logo
  • E-newsletter template (to accompany the paper newsletter)
  • Refreshed templates for some if not all of our existing products, to form a suite of resources
  • Brand guidelines for use by volunteers, staff and external designers.

Other brand requirement

  • Products must be easy to use and accessible
  • Products must be compatible with Google Drive and Windows Office programs, and feature free fonts and templates wherever possible, to facilitate replication
  • Residents should have an opportunity to input into brand development ideas eg through a one-off workshop
  • Timeframe: products and guidelines in place for arrival of the Estate Manager, winter 2014/15.

What’s in it for you

This is a great opportunity to work with a diverse and enthusiastic community group that is on the cusp of realising exciting plans to transform a corner of Camberwell. This brief offers a chance to showcase your ability to deliver practical and stylish solutions for an initiative with a strong values-based identity. You’ll also have the satisfaction of playing a pivotal role in our development, helping to launch our TMO in style.

Find out more

To learn more about this opportunity, please get in touch for an initial chat: Kate Damiral, Secretary, D’Eynsford TMO, tel: 07811 864 209, email:

TMO General Meeting about Windows on Monday 4 August

TMO General Meeting about Windows
Monday 4 August, 7pm-9pm
Sheltered Unit Community Room (through door 50-75 Don Phelan Close)

  • Are you concerned about the Council’s plans to replace the windows on our estate in the next few months?
  • Are you worried about the impact this will have on things like heating, light or leaseholder bills?

D’Eynsford Tenant Management Organisation (TMO) is hosting this meeting to share the information we have so far and to get your thoughts on the proposals.

Come along to discuss the issue with other residents and to look at our options. Ideas of what we could do as a community in response to the plans have been outlined by some residents on an action group website.

Proxy votes, carer costs and access needs

TMO members can send a proxy to this meeting (someone to represent and vote for you). If you look after someone in the evenings, we can pay reasonable carer costs so that you can attend the meeting. Call Kate for details, or to let us know if you have any other access needs eg translation: 07811 864 209 or 020 7708 8707.

Resident project board

In the meantime, the Council is looking for people to join a ‘resident project board’ for the proposed work. We are not sure what the role of this group will be but we will have at least one TMO rep on it. If you are interested, contact Bola Odusanya, Major Works Contract Manager, tel: 020 7525 7184 or 07852 527 843, email:

Coach Trip to Margate on 12 August

Coach Trip To Margate

Tuesday 12 August

Join us for a day at the seaside! Visit the beach, the Shell Grotto, Turner Contemporary art gallery (free entry), or grab a free trip on the Margate Rickshaw around the Old Town. Find out more about Margate.

The coach leaves the estate at 8am and will leave Margate at 5pm (returning home about 8pm).


Tickets cost £3 for D’Eynsford residents and £6 for non-resident friends and family coming with you. Buy your tickets on Monday 28th or Tuesday 29th 6pm-7pm in the sheltered unit community room (through door 50-75 Don Phelan Close). Tickets will be sold on a first come, first served basis.

TMO Board Meeting Minutes, 23 January 2014

D’Eynsford TMO Board Meeting
23 January 2014

PRESENT Board: James Traynor (chair), Beatrice Otu-Ansah, Mary Clarke, Kwenda Anbessa-Ebanks, Pete Dolan, Tom Leighton, Ines Teles, Kate Damiral (notes)
Other attendees: Ellen Clarke, Eleri Jones, Judith Akuchuku, Elizabeth Sheeren

1. Welcome and apologies
Everyone introduced themselves and four new people were welcomed to the group.
Action: James to check induction policy and take new reps through the process.
Apologies were received from Connie Gray, Nelson Correia, Dave Murphy and Shirley Louis (who will be unable to attend meetings for the forseeable future because of family illness).

2. Minutes of the last meeting
The December 2013 minutes were approved.

3. Matters arising
The Council has been invoiced for its contribution to the F&D budget but there is some sort of hitch.
Action: Nelson to ensure payment is processed asap.
The assessment report was largely accurate and the business plan supplement was produced as planned. There was a good turnout for the general meeting with a few new faces, some who had come along tonight.

Despite several attempts from the TMO to invite a speaker from the Council’s Major Works team to come along to the January general meeting to talk about the Warm, Dry, Safe programme and/or to hold a joint drop-in session for leaseholders with the TMO, the offer was declined and the Council held its own first consultation session immediately before this meeting. Several TMO board members attended and Bola Odusanya, the contract manager has now started to acknowledge the TMO. Her team wasn’t able to give much detail to leaseholders about the planned works but it is likely to include windows, some front doors, internal rewiring for tenants and some block rewiring, cavity wall insulation. Surveys of the estate are still ongoing, to be followed by a feasibility study. Work is scheduled to start by June and completed within the financial year. An upgrade of the heating system will not be included.
Tom has arranged to send previous heating test data to Bola for information.

The next step in the 7-stage set-in-stone consultation programme will be a drop-in session for all residents shortly.

The extent of the TMO’s influence in shaping the works is unclear.
Action: Tom to get advice from NFTMO; James to talk to Mekor Newman about his experiences running a sustainability programme in partnership with a local authority.

It was agreed to lobby for the TMO to have some involvement in the scoping and perhaps the delivery of the Warm Dry Safe work if possible. It was agreed that any planned work should be 1) well designed in keeping with the estate 2) good quality 3) environmentally friendly 4) complementary and scoped to maximise funding opportunities.
Action: James to prepare a one page summary of our key concerns and circulate it to the team with relevant contact details; All to send individual emails to Bola raising these concerns; All at next Board meeting to arrange article for next estate newsletter and consider one-off email to TMO members; Ines to present key arguments at Council’s next consultation session.

4. Actions from assessment 3 report
All recommendations from the report were reviewed. The good working relationship with the Council has been reaffirmed and Richard Amoah will continue to be invited to Board meetings. Company details are now on the website, newsletter and minutes. The register of Board members’ interests is on the website. An induction pack will be tested out with the new group members. Other actions were allocated:

Governance issues

  • Ines to amend minimum age on paper membership form from 18 and over to 16, and add company details.
  • James/Kate to arrange Board session with Richard and Annelie on schedules and management agreement post-ballot
  • James/Kate to add job descriptions to a future meeting agenda post-ballot

Business plan updates

  • Ines to add diversity profile of Board (including tenure details) to business plan
  • Ines to add a line about negotiating new rent collection task with TUPE’d Housing Officer
  • Ines to check collection of service charge has been removed
  • Nelson to check figures throughout finance section of business plan and correct errors/fill gaps.

5. Finance
As the Treasurer was absent, there was no finance report. The balance stands at £1,815.95.

6. Training plan
The plan was reviewed and agreed.

  • Kate to book an all team finance and budget training session for late March
  • Kate to check whether Connie wants 1:1 IT training
  • Pete to book IT trainer for Beatrice, Kwende, Dave and possibly Connie
  • Beatrice to book onto the Council’s event planning training in April
  • James to source coaching and mentoring training for Kwende, James and Tom
  • Kate to source something on succession training – probably around engagement/inclusion for Kate, Tom and James
  • Pete to look at Chartered Institute of Housing (or other) for housing management overview training for Kate, Pete and Dave from April
  • Tom to source recruitment and selection training for Tom and Dave for April/May – then do all team briefing
  • Tom to source welfare reform training for whole board in June from the Council or the Money Savvy consortium (but not Lisa Hallam)
  • Ines to ask the TRA about running a first aid course
  • Ines to source H&S training for the whole board
  • Kate to sign the TMO up to the NFTMO
  • Pete and James to look into Chartered Inst of Housing membership
  • Kate to circulate details of the free community development training weekends at the Eden Project
  • Kate to update plan including adding letting contracts session for whole board

7. Logo
The Council has arranged for a designer to create a logo for the TMO, for the front page of its TMO offer document. The offer document text is based on the business plan. Ideas from the designer were tabled but none were suitable. It was agreed that the TMO’s name and strapline would be used on the offer document instead of a logo.
Action: Tom to feed back to the designer.

8. One Planet action plan – review brainstorm and agree plan
This item was postponed due to lack of time.

9. Service pledges – review draft ideas and agree
This item was postponed due to lack of time.

10. Any other business
There was no other business.

Date of next meeting: Thursday 6 February – yes vote campaign planning

Should the TMO Collect Rent?

Pay Rent
One of the services the Tenant Management Organisation (TMO) is considering doing on behalf of the D’Eynsford residents is Rent Collection.

Nothing will change from the tenants’ perspective. Everyone will continue paying rent as usual and if everyone on the estate pays their rent on time the TMO will have a small “surplus” to spend on improving the estate.

Recent news has indicated that Private sector rent arrears ‘the lowest’ since 2008 see: however the percentage of people who are late on their rent is 7.1%

In order to be successful at collecting the rent (on behalf of the council), the TMO will need to collect a minimum 98%. Our study visits to other Southwark TMO’s confirmed that collecting rent on behalf of the council is consistently a good service to provide.

We want to know your opinion on this! Please comment here, discuss on twitter @Deynsford or talk to anyone on the TMO group.

More Detail

More information about the D’Eynsford TMO:
D’Eynsford TMO Business Plan:

Lost: black and white kitten

One of our residents on Mary Datchelor Close (the Church Street end) has reported a missing kitten.  It looks like the black and white cat in the Felix TV adverts and has no name tag.

If you find the kitten, please call Dick on 07944 310087.


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Preparing for a TMO takeover autumn 2015

With our TMO Manager, Darren Kidson, now in post, we’re getting ready to take over most estate services in the early autumn.  We’re busy finalising the agreement with the Council, recruiting the rest of the staff team, choosing contractors and setting up our new office in Good Neighbours House. Find out more about the TMO.

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