TRA Dissolution Meeting minutes 13 May 2014

D’Eynsford Tenants and Residents Association

Dissolution Meeting
Tuesday 13 May 2014


Present TRA members: James Traynor (meeting chair), Connie Gray, Beatrice Otu-Ansah, Mary Clarke, Elsie Clark, Phyllis Lougheed, Joan Henrick, Kwende Anbessa-Ebanks, Nelson Correia, Rob Beer, Elizabeth Sheeran, Tom Leighton, Terry Norman, Eleri Jones, Pete Dolan, Agnes Anuyah, A Siafa, Lyudmyla Revuka, Dorothy Adongo (minutes)

Other attendees: Kevin Skinner (Southwark Resident Involvement Officer), Lee Page (Southwark TMI Team), Annelie Sernevall (TMO adviser).

1. Welcome and introductions

Everybody was welcomed to the meeting and reminded of the code of conduct.

2. Apologies

Apologies were received from Ian Wingfield, Mark Williams, Kate Damiral, Laura Browning and Kate Traynor.

3. Finance report

The TRA’s audited accounts for Jan-Dec 2013 were presented by Kwende in Kate Traynor’s absence (TRA Treasurer), and approved.

4. TRA dissolution vote

James (TMO chair) explained the reason for the proposed dissolution of the TRA.  Estate residents had voted 87% in favour of the TMO in an independent ballot in March, and the TMO will take over the TRA’s role of organising socials and representing the estate externally.  There was a unanimous vote to dissolve the TRA.   And in another unanimous vote, it was agreed to transfer the remaining TRA funds to the TMO.

Kevin Skinner closed the meeting with a word of thanks to TRA members for their contributions over the years.

The meeting was followed by D’Eynsford TMO’s annual general meeting.

D’Eynsford TMO AGM & TRA Dissolution Meeting: Tuesday 13 May 2014

TMO Annual General Meeting

D’Eynsford TMO’s AGM will be held on Tuesday 13 May, 7pm-9pm, in the sheltered unit community room (through door 50-75 Don Phelan Close).

This is our most important meeting of the year when we will:

  • elect up to eight Board members to lead the TMO
  • report on our achievements over the past year and outline our plans for 2014/15
  • present the TMO’s annual accounts for 2013/14 and choose an auditor.

TRA Dissolution Meeting

Now that residents have voted YES to the TMO in March’s ballot, it’s also time to close the TRA (tenants and residents association).

As well as delivering estate services, the TMO will take over the TRA role of:

  • representing residents’ interests to the Council and other bodies
  • organising social activities.

So on the same evening, we will hold a TRA Dissolution Meeting (7.00pm-7.30pm) where there will be:

  • a vote to dissolve (close) the TRA
  • a vote to transfer the TRA’s funds to the TMO, to spend on socials and the Secret Garden project.

Carer expenses

If you look after someone in the evenings, we can pay reasonable costs for a carer so that you can attend.

Proxy votes

If you can’t make it, TMO members can send a proxy (someone to represent and vote for you).

Call Kate for carer expenses and proxy details: 07811 864 209.

Joint TRA and TMO General Meeting, 14 January 2014

Two sets of minutes here, with one meeting held after the other in seamless cooperation!

D’Eynsford Tenants and Residents Association General Meeting

14 January 2014


Present Committee: Connie Gray (Chair), Beatrice Otu-Ansah, Joan Henrick, Kwende Anbessa-Ebanks, Joan Seary, Paul Seary, Dorothy Adongo (minutes)

Other members: Christiana Harris, Elsie Clark, Phyllis Lougheed, Mary Clarke, Kate Damiral, Pete Dolan, Dave Murphy, Agnes Anuyah, Lyudmyla Revuka, A.Siafa, James Traynor, Terry Norman, Eleri Jones, Elizabeth Sheeran

Other attendees: Mark Williams (Councillor), Loretta Aniemeka (Housing Officer), Richard Amoah (Tenant Management Initiatives Team)

1. Welcome and apologies

Connie and James (TMO chair) welcomed everyone to the joint TRA/TMO meeting and reminded them of the code of conduct.  Apologies were received from Kevin Skinner.

2. Estate Matters

There is still a leak in the area by 104 Mary Datchelor Close. Residents have had no explanation of what is going on, irrespective of other people complaining.

The scaffolding near the secret garden has been taken down, and it has been reported that the workers have been jumping over the fence. There is an issue with the Secret Garden code. The keys needs to be given in order to access the Secret Garden. This has raised issues of residents’ valuables being taken.  Is permission needed to access the back gardens?

The contractors for Major Works have carried out a sample survey of the estate’s housing stock, and residents will be notified about the works they intend to carry out.  There is a seven stage consultation process but the major works team had declined an invitation to speak at this general meeting.

Action: Cllr Williams will chase up the Major Works team for an update.

Councillor Williams advised that the aim of the Council is to improve homes to the ‘warm, dry, safe’ standards, i.e. rewiring, walls, windows, roofs etc. The aim for the next thirty years is to make sure that the standards of maintenance is kept.

Residents recently had a problem with their heating not fully coming back on, after the digging. Contractors were sent out to bleed all radiators, however not every home was attended to.

Action: Loretta advised that those still experiencing heating issues should report it.

3. Any Other Business

The council have made plans to knock down the stairs and ramp by Datchelor Place (by The Flying Fish chip shop). The plan is to create a pocket park in a public square with outdoor seating areas. The works are planned to start this year.  There are also concerns about lighting by Datchelor Place.

Some residents have raised their concerns regarding parking on the estate, and parking permits. Some homes have three or four cars parked. How many parking permits can a household have?

Action: Cllr Williams will find out and respond for the next general meeting.

The south-bound Camberwell Green bus stops will be spread out between the Green and the bus stop outside McDonalds. This will reduce traffic jams.  The traffic lights by the Doctors Surgery, does not stay green for long. The average crossing time is six seconds, which is not enough time to walk across the road.

D’Eynsford Tenant Management Organisation General Meeting

14 January 2014


Present Board: James Traynor (chair), Beatrice Otu-Ansah, Kwende Anbessa-Ebanks, Connie Gray, Mary Clarke, Pete Dolan, Dave Murphy, Kate Damiral (minutes)

Other TMO members: Joan Henrick, Christiana Harris, Elsie Clark, Phyllis Lougheed, Lyudmyla Revuka,Terry Norman, Eleri Jones, Elizabeth Sheeran, Joan Seary, Dorothy Adongo

Other attendees: Agnes Anuyah, A.Siafa, Paul Seary, Mark Williams (Councillor), Loretta Aniemeka (Housing Officer), Richard Amoah (Tenant Management Initiatives Team)

1. Welcome and apologies

Everyone was welcomed to the meeting. It was confirmed that the meeting was quorate.  There were no apologies.

2. TMO progress update

As reported in the estate newsletter, the TMO Board passed its final independent assessment in November, confirming it is ready and able to take control of estate services.  Richard Amoah explained that only a few emerging TMOs passed the assessment first time and offered his congratulations to the Board, along with Cllr Williams.

The Board introduced the full business plan, outlining the proposed services it will manage, the staff structure, future aspirations for taking over additional services, and other planned benefits such as free estate-wide wifi with PCs for residents’ use in the estate office.  Copies of the plan were available.

Planning approval had been received for the office on Mary Datchelor Close and work is due to start on it in May.  The future of Good Neighbours House is still being explored but the TMO may in the longer-term be offered the ground floor for office and meeting space.

The TMO will consider converting the other garages next to the office into business start up units in a few years.  They are currently in poor condition.

Action: Richard to check the status of the garages next to the office space.

The next step for the TMO is the ballot in March for all Council tenants and leaseholders on whether to go ahead with the TMO.  The ballot will be run by the Council.  It was confirmed that a majority yes vote from those voting (including a majority of tenants) must be achieved for the TMO to go ahead.  Board members will carry out a door knock to promote the ballot.  If a yes vote is secured, the TMO would sign a management agreement with the Council and become operational by December 2014.

3. Any other business

Residents were encouraged to join the TMO to have a vote on key TMO issues.  Membership stands at 100.  The three current board vacancies were also promoted.

January 2014 newsletter

Happy New Year everyone!

Here’s this month’s newsletter, with a special supplement outlining our TMO Plan for the Estate for the next three years:

Also inside:

  • Joint TRA and TMO general meeting reminder – Tuesday 14 January, 7pm, sheltered unit community room (through door 50-75 Don Phelan Close)
  • TMO Board gets the official thumbs up
  • Help lead the TMO – new Board members wanted
  • Datchelor Place improvements
  • Festive fun on our estate
  • Football sessions

DEynsford newsletter Jan 2014 main section

DEynsford newsletter Jan 2014 TMO plan supplement

Festive party: Tuesday 10 December, 7pm

christmas_bird_decoration_200892D’Eynsford Festive Social

It’s party time!

We’re having a Festive Social on Tuesday, 7pm-9pm, in the sheltered unit community room (through door 50-75 Don Phelan Close).

Join us for seasonal crafts, a few rounds of the beetle game and your chance to win fabulous prizes in our free raffle!

There’ll also be hot food, mulled wine and other refreshments.

Come along, have some fun and chat with your neighbours.

Everyone on the estate is welcome.

Newsletter, December 2013

Here’s the Estate newsletter for December 2013.  Inside:

  • Festive social invite
  • Joint TRA and TMO general meeting notice, 14 January 2014
  • Pantomime trip advert
  • Credit Union loan information
  • Saturday footie sessions for 12-18s
  • TMO update – awaiting news of our final assessment
  • Anti-social behaviour problems and what to do.

Download the DEynsford newsletter December 2013. [PDF]

D’Eynsford Joint TRA and TMO General Meeting Tuesday 10 September 2013

D’Eynsford Joint TRA and TMO General Meeting
Tuesday 10 September 2013

PRESENT Both TRA and TMO members: Connie Gray (chair), Beatrice Otu-Ansah, Connie Nash, Joan Henrick, Kate Traynor, Phyllis Lougheed, Mary Clarke, Dave Murphy, Kwende Anbessa-Ebanks, Tom Hatton, Joan Seary, Agata Seary, Kate Damiral (minutes)
Other TRA members: Mrs Marsh, PG Anuyah, Paul Seary,
Other attendees: Lisa Hallam (Thames Reach – Money Savvy workshop facilitator), Scott Thompson (Southwark Council, leasehold billing – guest speaker), Loretta Aniemeka (Housing Officer), Michael Adebiyi (SGTO)

1. Welcome and apologies
Apologies were received from Dee Oculi, Tom Leighton, Cllr Wingfield and the police Safer Neighbourhood Team.

The TMO meeting was adjourned, as it was not quorate (the Articles of Association – rules – state that 17 TMO members must be present for a TMO general meeting to take place).
Action: TMO Board to set a new date for the TMO general meeting.

The TRA general meeting continued.

2. Money Savvy Workshop
Lisa Hallam from Thames Reach ran an hour-long workshop on personal budgeting and money management tips. The session included games, quizzes and an information pack.

3. Leaseholder Billing
Scott Thompson from Southwark Council explained how leaseholder bills are calculated and processed. He introduced the new-look bill, which now features different invoice numbers for each year and any major works. Estimate service charges are sent out in April for the current year and actualised bills for the previous year are sent out in Sept/Oct. A full breakdown of actual bills can be requested. Overpayments will automatically be put towards the oldest invoice. If a service charge is not paid, after three warnings, the mortgage lender is informed. This is an automated system and the wording of these letters is quite tough.

For major works bills, the Council offers a 36 month interest free repayment plan (12 months for non-resident leaseholders), a longer service charge loan at 1.5% above the base rate and a ‘voluntary charge loan’ against the value of the property at 2% above base rate with no monthly recharge (which can also be repaid at any time).

There is a one-year guarantee on major works once completed.. There are two opportunities to feed back on plans for major works: responding to the initial Section 20 notice of intention and then the detailed proposal.

The Leasehold Valuation Tribunal is a totally independent body which assesses complaints about service charge and major works billing.

4. Implications of the TMO for Leaseholders
The TMO business plan, displayed on large boards around the room, was introduced. It was confirmed that a vote on whether to go ahead with the TMO will be held for council tenants and leaseholders, probably later in the autumn.

Due to the over-running of previous items, there was no time for further discussion about the TMO but residents were invited to contact the TMO chair with any concerns or queries.