Board Minutes, 12 September 2016

D’Eynsford TMO Board Meeting

12 September 2016


Present       Board: James Traynor (chair), Kwende Anbessa-Ebanks, Beatrice Otu-Ansah, Terry Norman, Connie Gray, Eleri Jones, Bola Ogunmefum, Rob Beer, Jane Greaves, Tom Leighton, Kate Damiral (minutes).

Other attendees: Annelie Sernevall (Interim TMO Manager), Jackie Richards (Tenant Management Initiatives Team, Southwark Council), Hannah Bruce, Shaun Gillen, Cllr Mark Williams

  1. Welcome, introductions, apologies and declarations of interest

Apologies were received from Dee Adongo, Patrick Luppi and Tasha Gordon.  Jane Greaves informed the meeting that she was stepping down from the board due to a potential conflict of interest with a new civil service job.

The family of a sheltered unit resident who had recently died, had visited the estate to express their thanks to the socials group for running the coffee mornings which their relative had particularly enjoyed.

The TMO had been offered a grant from the People’s Health Trust for the completion of the community room and a range of activities.

The fun day had been a success despite poor weather, with a good atmosphere and a turnout of about 100 people.

  1. Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising

The public minutes of 8 August 2016 were approved with the correction of the date of the last meeting and the addition of the following sentence regarding the manager’s recruitment: ‘The possibility of using two agencies would be explored, unless there were clear benefits to using only one, in which case Prentis would be selected as it offered a guarantee in case the appointment was unsuccessful.’

Tasha is liaising with Millwall to explore opportunities for restarting the football sessions.

The target of 100.5% has been set for rent collection this year.

  1. Manager’s update

Annelie presented her report and the operational report.  Tracy from the TMI team will visit on Wednesday to review progress on the repairs and maintenance service.  It was noted that Albert is building good partnerships with agencies tackling anti-social behaviour.  It was noted that two staff members were threatened by an individual with a knife but the situation was dealt with promptly and the staff safety procedures were fit for purpose.

A solution for treating the homes of housebound residents affected by the bed bug infestation has been found.  The pest team have now had full access to all properties in the affected block.  It was noted the problem has lasted at least 18 months to date.

Issuing cheques to tenants for the water recharge refunds had been labour intensive.

[Jane left and Connie joined the meeting.]

  1. TMO improvement plan

Jackie talked through the six month improvement plan and explained that it was put together following a review of monitoring information and a meeting with Annelie.  Jackie assured the board that it was not a sanction for the TMO but a development tool to help the organisation get back on track after its difficulties. She also confirmed it was not due to board incompetence or lack of commitment and commended the TMO for its energy and ideas.  Jackie recommended the My Learning Source online training programme for the finance sub-committee.  It was noted that a range of policies and terms of reference for sub-committees were already in place.

Action: Annelie to share the manager recruitment plan and progress to date with the TMI team to ensure it fits within the requirements of the improvement plan.

[Jackie left the meeting.]

  1. Planning the year ahead

It was agreed to carry out a separate exercise to review the organisation’s objectives later in the month, in preparation for the AGM.  It was agreed to propose to the membership at the AGM to fund four more advice surgeries from surplus, to be delivered by Advising London Oct-Jan.  This would allow more time to assess the value of an on-site advice service.

  1. Finance

The draft accounts for 2015/16 were tabled.  The finance sub-group will review them and meet with the auditors before making a recommendation to the board on whether to accept the accounts, in time for the AGM.  

A finance report for quarter 1, 2016/17 was tabled – some errors were noted.  A considerable underspend against repairs and maintenance was apparent and investment would be needed to ensure a timely and quality service is developed in this area.  Overspend on HR support was also noted and it was agreed to look at alternative service providers.

  1. AGM planning

It was agreed to hold the AGM on Wednesday 5 October.  Mark Williams agreed to run a surgery in the hour before the meeting.

  1. Any other business

There was no other business.

[The meeting concluded with confidential items.]

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