Board meeting minutes, 9 November 2015


D’Eynsford TMO Board Meeting

9 November 2015


Present       Board: James Traynor (Chair), Tasha Gordon, Patrick Luppi, Jane Greaves, Bola Ogunmefum, Tom Leighton, Rob Beer, Connie Gray, Elizabeth Sheeran, Dorothy Adongo (notes).

Other attendees: Darren Kidson (TMO Manager), Tom Hatton Senior, Tom Hatton Junior, Alex Burton, Keane (Keepmoat Contract Manager), Jonathan Hatton, Bola Odusanya (Major Works), Felix Reeves, Ben Beck (TMI Monitoring Officer), PC Adam, Pat Marsh, Connie Marsh.

1. Welcome and introductions
All were welcomed to the meeting and introduced themselves. James reminded everyone of the code of conduct and any declaration of interest. Apologies were received from Kate Damiral and Kwende Anbessa-Ebanks.

2. Fire safety works 50-127 Don Phelan Close
An update was provided from Bola Odusanya, Contract Manager, Major Works, who advised that it is a statutory requirement for communal areas to be fire retardant.  Most stairways, corridors, entrance doors, exit doors will be replaced for fire escape.  Work is to be carried out in every flat to meet the fire safety requirements.  Security grill doors will need to be removed, with an option for them to be replaced after works are complete.  The work programme will commence from January 2016, and last approximately 28 weeks.  The following works will be carried out:

  • Sprinkler system – to be installed in 76-127 DPC. The design is still in progress.
  • Roof replacement – Elmington Estate. Door inspection will also be carried out.
  • Walkways –  Ground surface is fading and is a potential health hazard, New flooring will be laid and is resin based.
  • Front Entrance doors – Appointments will be made in advance and door mats will need to be removed.
  • Guttering – Elmington Estate, to be replaced.
  • Scaffolding- needed on Elmington for brickwork and roofing. KeepMoat will relocate satellite dishes

Concerns raised:

  • Will heating be considered in the replacement and addition of doors as there is currently problems with over-heating in 50-127 Don Phelan Close?
  • Removal of grill doors are a cause of concern for burglary whilst the works are being done. Don Phelan doors lead to other residents’ dwellings – this is a cause for concern too.

Action: Darren to find out if doors leading to other residents’ dwelling can be blocked off.

  •        Burst pipe under the floors
  •        Security issue with scaffoldings.

Action: Keepmoat to fix alarms around the scaffolding to prevent burglary.

Action: A small group to be set up to deal with questions and concerns raised by the residents and to feed back to the Major Works Team.

3. Minutes of the last meeting (approval)
All agreed and approved the minutes of the last meeting.

4. Matters arising
There were no matters arising.

5. Finance
The 2014 Financial accounts were approved.  All agreed and approved the socials budget for December 2015 to March 2016.  All agreed for the proposal to apply to Evening Standard Dispossessed Fund for estates to refurbish the community room.
Action: Tom, Tasha and Patrick to form a group to discuss the decor and cosmetic refurbishment of the community room.

The £21,103.59 grant from DCLG has come through for the final installment of the implementation (TMO set up) project.  The current bank balance as of 9th November 2015 was £135,772.  A cash flow was suggested for future finance updates.

Terry Norman (vice-treasurer) and Patrick (vice-chair) were agreed as new bank signatories and Nelson Correia and Ines Teles will be removed as signatories.  The bank business address is to be changed to the TMO office. The pin also needs to be changed.

6. Manager’s report and estate walkabout feedback
Repairs and maintenance are 100%, and are inspected on the same day.  88% are completed within 72 hours. More information was provided in the tabled performance handout.  The rent collected by the TMO has a surplus of £4,985.23.  The TMO office is still experiencing some technical difficulties with access to files due to lack of computer access.
Action: Darren to find out if other TMOs have faced these challenges.

Estate Walkabout: Rough sleepers are breaking into the second part of the bin rooms and sleeping inside.  The loose wires around the estate have not been sealed in properly.
Action: Staff to speak to BT and Virgin Media regarding works on the estate.

An inspection of the water tanks is needed.  Once the survey is complete, Darren will inform Southwark Council if it is responsible for the communal water tanks.  A competitive rate will be provided to leaseholders by the TMO if needed.
Action: Darren to aim to resolve this issue in two months.

There are a lot of trip hazards around the estate.  Darren will get a response from Southwark Highways on who is responsible for resolving it.  The environmental team are working with Darren to resolve the fly tipping issue.

The communications sub-group will need to consider whether every block should have a notice board, before the next TMO meeting.

7. Modular Management Agreement (MMA) clarification
The TMO is still waiting on the figures and data from Stefan at Southwark for taking control of parking before deciding this issue.
Action: Ben Beck to chase up

8. Our key performance indicators (KPIs)
Ben Beck, our monitoring officer, advised on the indicators (signs) we will use to judge how well the TMO is doing.  The Council’s Tenant Management Initiatives Team must encourage TMOs to reduce rent arrears by 10% each year.  However this can be unrealistic.  Achieving this consists of targets on tenancy checks.  The TMO will carry out tenancy checks from January 2016.  The TMI team will audit the TMO on finance, rent, complaints and performance.  Board members are welcome to attend the audit meetings, which are quarterly. TMOs can review performance of the Council and the way it works alongside TMOs.

9. Reports back
Finance Group: Need to meet within two weeks and agree the budget for next year.

Safer Neighbourhood Team (police) ward panel: As reported by residents, some homeless people have been breaking into bin rooms to sleep and do drugs.  Residents have suggested having keys to lock up the bin rooms to prevent rough sleepers entering.
Action: Darren to arrange for police to come and advise the rough sleepers.

The SNT have confirmed that they patrol the estate every day because of drugs and prostitution concerns.  It was noted that the lights by Kimpton Road need to be replaced to avoid muggings and attacks, as it is very dark.  It was suggested that the SNT could advise on the best spots for lighting the estate.

Garden group:  Bulbs and manure will be delivered to the Secret Garden by St Mungo’s Putting Down Roots team within two weeks, in time to start scattering bulbs around the estate.  Tom offered to look at the Neighbourhood Fund to see if it could be a potential source of funding for the garden.

10. DBS (police) checks for board members
Darren confirmed that all staff have completed DBS checks. The Socials Group will need to complete DBS checks if not already done, as they will be working with young, vulnerable people and senior citizens.

11. Any other business
The question of whether Board members and other volunteers need ID (eg for distributing newsletters) was discussed.

A sheltered unit resident reported that she needed work done in her flat.  
Action: Darren to speak to Conrad (Unit Manager) to see if the resident can get access to a Southwark handy person service.

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