Board meeting minutes, 14 December 2015


D’Eynsford TMO Board Meeting

14 December 2015


Present       Board: James Traynor (Chair), Tasha Gordon, Patrick Luppi, Jane Greaves, Bola Ogunmefum, Tom Leighton, Rob Beer, Connie Gray, Elizabeth Sheeran, Beatrice Otu-Ansah, Terry Norman, Kwende Anbessa-Ebanks, Kate Damiral (minutes).

Other attendees: Darren Kidson (TMO Manager), Tom Hatton Senior, Tom Hatton Junior

1. Welcome, introductions, apologies and declarations of interest
Beatrice was welcomed back after her time abroad.  Apologies were received from Dorothy Adongo and Ben Beck (Monitoring Officer).

2. London Citizens: Strengthening Babies’ Futures project
Isaac Stanley from London Citizens joined the meeting for this item.  He outlined the project which aims to support parents by providing a free 10 week health and financial management course for pregnant women, support groups and champions to signpost to services. Training for champions will begin at the end of January.  The programme will expand to support fathers in the future.  It was agreed that the community room could provide a potential venue for project activities.
Action: TMO to promote the training opportunity through its communications channels and board networks.

3. Minutes of the last meeting (approval)
The minutes of 9 November were agreed with the following amends: Tom Hatton sr and Tom Hatton jr to be included in the list of other attendees instead of board members, it was agreed to remove Nelson and Ines from the list of bank signatories and to add Patrick and Terry.

4. Matters arising
50-127 Don Phelan fire safety works: Tom Hatton sr and Eleri Jones attended a meeting with the major works team to discuss the planned works.  Three wall colours for the corridors will be put forward for consultation with residents.  The staircases will not be painted but three sets of corridor doors will be replaced on each floor.  Darren is liaising with the major works team on the location of the works containers.
Action: Darren to confirm the consultation meeting date.

Community room: The project group will meet next week and bring a proposal to the January board meeting.
Action: James to respond to the Council on the building’s infrastructure issues linked to the roof repairs.

Parking: The Council is yet to provide the requested information about the parking allowance which should include income from visitor and commercial permits but not fines, as the TMO would not be legally authorised to enforce them.  One other TMO in the borough has taken over parking but it is a gated community.

Rough sleepers: Individuals have been signposted to hostel and support services and police and wardens are due to carry out daily checks with TMO staff this week to move rough sleepers on.  A multi-agency walkabout with resident reps will be arranged to consult on how to design out the problem.

5. Manager’s report and estate walkabout feedback
Darren tabled the monthly repairs and maintenance and tenancy management report for November.  The excellent repairs completion and rent collection rates were noted.
Action: Darren to develop a satisfaction feedback form for reactive internal repairs as an optional alternative to follow up phone calls, in order to reduce potential bias.

All repairs to date had been completed within five working days and rent collection was up to date despite the TMO’s operational challenges and staff shortages.  Other TMOs have reported similar challenges in the handover process from the Council, but D’Eynsford seems to have had the most difficult combination of issues to deal with.  

The repairs and maintenance coordinator has resigned and the post will be advertised in Jobs Go Public on 5 January, along with the third caretaker post.  The role will be covered in the short term by staff over-time and additional use of contractors.

The walkabout team requested for future inspections a log of communal jobs already raised and the target completion dates, to avoid raising issues multiple times and to identify outstanding work.  It was also noted that the walkabout team waited 35 minutes for the relevant member of staff to join them for the last walkabout.

Tom L tabled a template for flagging non-urgent estate issues to avoid meetings being dominated by estate matters.  It was agreed to start using the form at the next board meeting.

It was agreed to hold monthly surgeries for residents to report problems, one in the daytime and one early evening, starting late February/early March and hosted by the housing officer and repairs and maintenance coordinator.
Action: Darren to schedule surgery dates.

6. Finance
The TMO received its quarterly allowance from the Council yesterday.  The finance sub-committee has met and the meeting notes will be circulated.  A format for the regular board report has been agreed and a draft budget will be prepared by the end of January to present to the board in February with an investment strategy.  The 14/15 accounts will be submitted to Companies House by the end of the day.  The independent review of the accounts is about to begin.  

The TMO has been accepted onto the chosen pension scheme and two members of staff have taken up the childcare vouchers and cycle to work schemes.  It was agreed to look at the board’s training needs at the next meeting, in order to develop a training budget.

7. Reports back
Communications sub-committee: The group held its first meeting last week and will bring a draft terms of reference to the next board meeting.

Socials group:  Plans for the festive events are in hand.

Garden group:  The promised manure and bulbs have been received from the Putting Down Roots team.  Tom proposed that an application could be made to the Neighbourhood Fund for redesigning the walkway onto the estate by the Secret Garden.
Action: Tom to take a further look at the funding criteria.

8. Dates for general meetings and the board away day
It was agreed to hold the away day late January and to hold the next general meeting in February.

9. Any other business
The area around the court is being landscaped, including the ramp and steps onto the north-west side of the estate.  James and Darren are liaising with the designers.

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