Board meeting minutes, 13 October 2015

D’Eynsford TMO Board Meeting

13 October 2015


Present Board: James Traynor (Chair), Rob Beer, Terry Norman, Jane Greaves, Tasha Gordon, Elizabeth Sheeran, Tom Leighton, Patrick Luppi, Connie Gray, Kate Damiral (minutes)

Others: Darren Kidson (Manager), Mary Clarke, Joan Henrick, Tom Hatton sr, Tom Hatton jr and Eleri Jones

1. Welcome, introductions, apologies and declarations of interest
Apologies were received from Ines Teles, Beatrice Otu-Ansah, Bola Ogunmefan, Dorothy Adongo and Ben Beck (Monitoring Officer).  Everyone introduced themselves and new board members Jane, Tasha, Patrick and Bola were welcomed to the team.

Action: James to arrange an induction for new board members.

2. Minutes of the last meeting
The minutes of 8 September 2015 were approved.

3. Matters arising
No progress had been made with approaching Keepmoat to explore potential sponsorship of the community room.  However, Darren reported that he was confident the staff team could complete the room by the end of 2015.  It was agreed to set up a project group to plan the layout and facilities.
Action: Board to confirm project group reps.

4. Appointment of board officers, sub-committees and reps
The following posts were agreed: James as chair, Kate as secretary, Elizabeth as treasurer, Patrick as vice-chair and Terry as vice-treasurer.  James and Kate confirmed that this would be the final year in post.
Action: Darren and Kate to clarify whether a Company Secretary is necessary as the Secretary post is currently honorary.

Members of the board sub-committees were agreed as followed:

  • Finance: Elizabeth, Terry, James, Jane and Rob.
  • HR: Kwende, Tom, Beatrice, Dorothy and James (all trained in recruitment and interviewing)
  • Communications: Jane, Tom, Kate and Tasha.

Board reps on the TMO groups were agreed as followed:

  • Socials: Dee, Connie, Beatrice and Tasha
  • Garden: Tom and Connie
  • Walkabout: Connie, Patrick and Tasha

The following reps for external groups were agreed:

  • Police safer neighbourhood panel – Terry
  • Southwark TMO committee – Patrick and Eleri
  • ICC (refuse collection) – Connie

It was agreed not to appoint a rep for the Area Forum and Southwark Group of Tenant Organisations due to board capacity.

5. Board meeting dates, general meetings and board away day
It was agreed to meet on the second Monday of each month for the coming year. Dates for general meetings and the away day would be agreed at a later date.
Action: Darren to arrange facilities for video link up to enable board members to take part in meetings remotely.

6. Review of the fun day, AGM and launch ceremony
The good turn out for all three events was noted.  The socials group will do an evaluation of the fun day.

7. Manager’s report
Darren tabled a report on the 22 repairs carried out to date which had received a 100% satisfaction rate from residents.  19 jobs had been completed within 24 hours.  Work on the TMO’s first void has begun and the Council has been asked to advertise it.

Darren reported that the office still did not have fully functioning PCs connected to the Southwark system, printers or internet access, all of which were to be supplied by the Council.  One caretaker post was also still vacant.

Darren will provide a monthly overview for the board of how well services are running, and the TMO will provide a quarterly report to the Council.  Ben Beck, the Council’s monitoring officer, will attend the next meeting to talk through the key performance indicators (signs to track our progress) that the TMO will use.

8. Fire safety major works for 50-127 Don Phelan Close
Residents in this block have been informed of the planned major works which will include redecorating corridors, new block entrance doors and fire safety elements (plus a sprinkler system in the sheltered unit).  A leaseholders meeting was held by the Council, but the TMO did not receive a notice of it as the letter was sent to the office before it was complete, rather than the registered address.

It was noted that the Modular Management Agreement (MMA) did not include the option the Board had selected to carry out statutory consultation on major works.

It was agreed to respond to the consultation by requesting the establishment of a project working group as included in the MMA.  It was also agreed to explore more fully in a future meeting how the TMO should respond to major works in general.
Action: James and Eleri to prepare a TMO response to the consultation.

9. Finance
The 2014/15 accounts will be reviewed by the finance sub-committee before being independently reviewed.

10. Any other business
It was noted that Gilesmead TRA is keen to build links with the TMO.

The Farmers Market will be held on Datchelor Place for nine months while the Green is redeveloped.

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