Board meeting minutes, 13 June 2016


D’Eynsford TMO Board Meeting
13 June 2016

Present       Board: James Traynor (chair), Patrick Luppi, Jane Greaves, Bola Ogunmefum, Kwende Anbessa-Ebanks, Tasha Gordon, Elizabeth Sheeran, Connie Gray, Kate Damiral (minutes).

Other attendees: Joan Henrick, Eleri Jones, Albert Frimpong (TMO housing officer), Cllr Radha Burgess, Kate Traynor.

1. Welcome, introductions, apologies and declarations of interest
Apologies were received from Rob Beer, Terry Norman, Dorothy Adongo and Ben Beck (Southwark monitoring officer).

2. Minutes of the last meeting
The minutes of 9 May 2016 were approved with an amendment to item 9 to read: ‘Patrick may have to step down from the walkabout and community room groups due to new work commitments’.

3. Matters arising
A cherry picker will be required for work on the guttering.  It will be hired for one week and storage space will need to be found for it.

The TMO’s electricity account is still being tracked down.

Keys to 90% of the overflow access points have been obtained, with the remainder due for delivery to the TMO within the next week.

[Cllr Burgess joined the meeting.]

4. Staff report for May
Albert presented the operational report.  Some water tanks are located between floors, making repairs difficult and expensive.  The team is exploring the option of re-routing overflows which in some places run the length of a block and provide channels for pests.

All contractors have been asked not to park on the grass.
Action: Albert to source a new lock for the bollard at the north end of Belham Walk path.

Albert has developed a proposal to recruit residents to lock the football pitch at night on a voluntary basis, to reduce anti-social behaviour.  Two residents have already offered to take on the role.  Pawel has also indicated he is willing to be a key holder.  It was noted that people may still congregate on the steps leading down to the gates.  The proposal was agreed in principle, subject to considering volunteers’ safety.
Action: Albert to carry out a risk assessment for the volunteers and develop a protocol and schedule for key holders.

The internal bin rooms in Belham Walk will be locked to prevent rough sleeping and residents will be given keys.  If the scheme proves effective, it will be rolled out across the whole estate.

It was noted that estate signage and maps falls within the communications sub-group’s remit and the group will work with the staff team on this.  However, given current staff pressures, it is not a priority for the time-being.

5. Sub-committees, groups and external rep updates
Secret Garden: The application to the Council’s Tenants and Residents Social Improvement Grants fund for two community gardeners has been successful.  The gardeners will be employed by St Mungo’s Broadway through the Putting Down Roots project which delivers the TMO’s grounds maintenance service. The Secret Garden team will prepare a service level agreement with St Mungo’s for this additional work.

Socials group: It was noted that the weekly coffee mornings are well attended and the volunteers thank you event was a success.

Walkabouts: The feedback is now included in the operational report.  Spot checks will also be carried out.

6. Advice surgery proposal
[Kate Traynor attended the meeting for this item.]

The TMO has been invited by Advising London to host free monthly advice surgeries for local people at the TMO office in a three month outreach trial.  Kate T, Terry and Albert met Advising London to discuss the proposal.  Advising London has insurance for the service and the TMO would not be liable in any way.  It was agreed to accept the proposal.  The service will start in July.  There may be opportunity to develop a joint funding bid to continue the on-site scheme if it is effective.
Action: Kate T, Terry, Connie and Albert to work up a service level agreement with Advising London.

[Kate T, Connie, Albert and Joan left the meeting.]

7. July general meeting
It was agreed to hold the meeting on 18 July, to invite the local police to discuss residents’ concerns about drug dealing on the estate, and to run a consultation session on the development of the garden and grounds.  Outstanding decisions on surplus funds will be reviewed at the next board meeting in case additional proposals could be put to residents.

8. Any other business
It was noted that the ongoing bed bug problem in Belham Walk was not featured in the operational report, although it requires continued input from the staff team to work with the Council’s pest control team.  Cllr Burgess informed the meeting that the issue has been escalated to the Director of Housing Operations.

Ines Teles has resigned from the board and it was also agreed to remove Beatrice Otu-Ansah as a director as she has been unable to attend meetings regularly for the past year due to personal circumstances and was currently still abroad.
Action: James to write to Beatrice to explain the board’s decision.

Japanese Knotweed has rooted by the Secret Garden.
Action: Albert to find out whether its removal is part of the grounds maintenance contract or the Council’s responsibility.

[The meeting concluded with a confidential item.]

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