Board Meeting Minutes, 11 January 2016

D’Eynsford TMO Board Meeting
11 January 2016


Present Board: James Traynor (Chair), Jane Greaves, Bola Ogunmefum, Tom Leighton, Rob Beer, Connie Gray, Kwende Anbessa-Ebanks, Kate Damiral (minutes).

Other attendees: Darren Kidson (TMO Manager), Tom Hatton Senior, Tom Hatton Junior, Ben Beck (TMI Monitoring Officer, Southwark Council)

1. Welcome, introductions, apologies and declarations of interest
Apologies were received from Patrick Luppi, Terry Norman, Dorothy Adongo, Natasha Gordon, Beatrice Otu-Ansah, Elizabeth Sheeran and Cllr Wingfield.

2. Board training needs
This item was postponed due to lack of time.

3. Minutes of the last meeting (approval)
The minutes of 14 December 2015 were approved.

4. Matters arising
A repairs satisfaction form is now in use, offering residents an alternative to telephone feedback.

Residents of 50-127 Don Phelan Close have chosen to have the corridors painted white, with black and white marble effect tiles. The cost per leaseholder of the major works has been confirmed as £5,000.

The administrator of the Neighbourhood Fund and Cleaner, Greener, Safer grant scheme has offered to provide an information session on the combined funding pot. The current funding round has now closed.

5. Manager’s report and estate walkabout feedback
The manager’s report for December was tabled. Future reports will be provided in advance. The completion performance for repairs had slipped a little during December due to the holiday period. Jobs were still completed well within the Council’s target timeframe.

A walkabout was completed earlier in the day. The dates for 2016 walkabouts have been circulated.

It was noted that the electricity supplier is currently EDF because the TMO office’s supply is linked to the hostel’s. Once they are separated into two accounts, a sustainable energy provider will be sourced, in line with the One Planet plan. Some electricity supplies across the estate are metered, others aren’t.
Action: Darren to gather supply information for the estate.

An external letter box for out-of-hours office post will be put up.

All the operational challenges at take-over have been resolved. It was noted that the TMO system is susceptible to Council outages. There have been several to date.

The staff team will assist vulnerable residents with the necessary preparation for treatment of the bed bug infestation in Belham Walk.

The TMO is querying the rent demand from the Council as it does not seem to tally with TMO data.

6. Finance
The 14/15 accounts have been submitted to Companies House. The bank balance was £175,320. The balance for socials, the garden and board activity is around £7,000. Around £1,000 underspend from the set up grant will be repaid to the Dept for Communities and Local Government. An illustration of the format for quarterly finance reports was tabled. A report will be prepared for the next meeting.
Action: Ben to provide an example template for finance reports.

7. Community room proposal
Tom talked to the prepared report. The proposed design scheme was agreed. It was noted that a budget of £10-12,000 would be needed to deliver the scheme after preliminary works. The outcome of the bid to the Evening Standard fund is due at the end of the month. A power supply for a cooker will be fitted in the kitchen. The room’s windows and doors will be replaced in the longer term. It was noted that Age UK Southwark and Lewisham has expressed interest in using the room once it is available.
Action: Darren to scope the preliminary works to include electrical first fix and floor screed.

8. February general meeting plans
It was agreed to postpone the general meeting to mid-March. The meeting will include a presentation from James and Darren on achievements since going live and a consultation exercise on the business plan proposals, to feed into the board away day in April. It was agreed to hold the meeting in the community room if usable by the meeting date.
Action: Bola and Kate to prepare visuals for the business plan consultation. The socials team to organise refreshments.

9. Reports back
Communications sub-committee: The draft terms of reference were approved with the following additions: The group’s remit will include signage; the TMO Manager will deal with the press in liaison with the chair, freedom of information requests and members’ enquiries (from councillors and MPs).

Staff will use the vulnerable tenants list to target the provision of large print and other alternative format communications. Tasha and Tom L will do a walkaround with Darren to identify potential locations for additional noticeboards. New noticeboards will have areas of corkboard to allow residents to pin their own notices.

It was agreed that Bola would join the HR sub-committee and the socials group.

10. Any other business
The back end of the website is currently inaccessible for editing. Nelson Correia has been asked to resolve the issue.

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