Board minutes, 11 July 2016

D’Eynsford TMO Board Meeting

11 July 2016


Present       Board: James Traynor (chair), Patrick Luppi, Jane Greaves, Bola Ogunmefum, Tasha Gordon, Elizabeth Sheeran, Connie Gray, Rob Beer, Terry Norman, Tom Leighton, Kate Damiral (minutes).

Other attendees: Beatrice Otu-Ansah, Annelie Sernevall (Interim TMO Manager), Anne Hawley, Tunde Disu.

1. Welcome, introductions, apologies and declarations of interest
Annelie Sernevall introduced herself as the Interim TMO Manager, covering Darren Kidson’s role while he is on extended leave.  Apologies were received from Dorothy Adongo, Kwende Anbessa-Ebanks and Jackie Richards (Southwark Tenant Management Initiatives (TMI) monitoring team).  It was noted that Ben Beck (monitoring officer) had taken voluntary redundancy and Jackie would now be the TMO’s key contact.

2. Minutes of the last meeting
The minutes of 13 June 2016 were approved.

3. Matters arising
The first Advising London surgery will take place tomorrow.
Action: Annelie to ensure the service level agreement with Advising London is in place.

Knotweed has also been seen in and around other parts of the estate, including people’s gardens.
Action: Annelie to clarify who has responsibility for treating it.

The TMI team have advised that the TMO will require permission from the the Council to fit locks on the bin rooms.
Action: Annelie to follow this up.

4. Operational report for June
Annelie presented the report and informed the board that she will work with the staff team to develop a new format for it to tie in with the TMO’s key performance indicators, so that the board can get a clearer sense of how well the organisation is doing.  Annelie will also meet with the TMI team to discuss reporting processes.

Following the multi-agency meeting about the bed bug infestation, a residents’ meeting will be held for the affected block immediately before the general meeting on the 18th.
Action: Annelie to ensure a letter about the meeting is delivered to residents.

It was noted that various communal lights across the estate have been out of action for several weeks.
Action: Annelie to investigate.

Annelie will meet with the walkabout group to review the reporting processes for it.  Patrick stepped down from the group due to work commitments but will attend the review meeting for handover purposes.

5. Football proposal
It was agreed to field a D’Eynsford team for the SGTO young people’s football tournament.  A group of young people are already interested.  The sign up form will be kept in the office.  Connie will be the key contact for enquiries and will sit on the SGTO organising committee.  The tournament date will be advertised in the next newsletter if timing allows, to encourage residents to go along to support the team.  It was agreed to develop a funding bid to enable Millwall to restart sessions in the football pitch.
Action: 1) Coffee morning group to design posters for recruiting tournament team members. 2) Tom to investigate funding.

6. Finance
The bank balance was £237,330.31.  Jane resigned as treasurer and it was agreed to appoint Terry to the post.

[Tom joined the meeting.]

7. Surplus decisions review and plans for the general meeting on 18 July
The away day decisions on how to spend the 2015/16 surplus were reviewed.  The previously  agreed allocation of funds for socials and plants for the grounds will be presented at the general meeting.

It was agreed to prioritise costing up the creation of a repairs workshop in the empty units next to the garages on Mary Datchelor Close (the original location for the TMO office), as the staff team are currently using the community room for this purpose and the decision on the grant application to complete the room is due in August.
Action: Annelie to liaise with the Council about the use of the units and work up a budgeted proposal for a repairs workshop.

CCTV funding may be available from the Council.  It was noted that several windows in homes on and off the estate around Datchelor Place have been broken in recent weeks by stones.

A £50 budget was agreed for the meeting refreshments.
Action: Rob and Tasha to arrange snacks and drinks.

[Connie, Tunde and Anne left the meeting.  Elizabeth joined the meeting.]

8. Annual general meeting preparation
It was agreed provisionally to hold the AGM in the TMO office on the same date as the fun day, Saturday 10 September.  This would be subject to the audited accounts being prepared in time and finding a suitable children’s activity provider to enable parents to attend the meeting.
Action: Socials group to investigate children’s activity services and a location.

9. Any other business
A letter from the Council has been received with information about the refund process for tenants from the resale of Thames Water water charges.  Tenants will be contacted directly.

[The meeting concluded with confidential items.]

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